PIU Acryl Line

A line of modern doors with aluminum door frames and door-leaves with a wooden perimeter frame with 206cm high, model 4.5.

The doors are finished with a unique coating of Italian acrylic in modern shades of white, grey, beige and in other colours. Italian acrylic is harder and 30% thicker than acrylics available in Poland and it is also UV- and scratch-resistant. Whether matt or glossy, the door is perfectly flush-fitting with the wall.

Acrylic doors are also available in version up to 300cm high door-leaf with an aluminum perimeter frame - more information here.
Available finishes for acrylic doors: Acryl, Acryl Special/Metallic.

The set includes all components required for the assembly of the door (i.e. hinges, a magnetic lock, seal and mounting screws).


206 cm


70 - 80 - 90 cm

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