PIU Aluminium Line

A system of high doors in Aluminum Design technology - aluminum flush-to-wall door frame and a door-leaf with an aluminum perimeter frame up to 300 cm high or even higher.

A popular trend nowadays is to use doors as high as the window line or floor-to-ceiling doors (with a floor-to-ceiling door frame) and concealed doors.

Modern high doors with no architraves or visible door frames, finished with anodized or brushed aluminum in several shades, coated with different finishing materials, are ideal for contemporary interiors. The distinguishing feature of the system is that all its supplementary components are concealed, i.e. the door frame, magnetic-mechanical lock, hinges regulated in 3 dimensions (3D), door closer and the drop down seal. The PIU Aluminum Line door system is perfectly compatible with access control systems such as Assa Abloy and Intelligent Home technology. The PIU Aluminum Line door system comes with a door opening range of up to 180º. Prefabricated sheets of materials such as decorative concrete, leather, sintered quartz, Lacobel glass, laminated, lacquered, veneered, acrylic and other boards ideally flush with the same material covering the walls, on condition, however, that they have the required thickness (max. 5.5-6mm).

The system is covered by Technical Approval No. AT-15-8578/2011 and offers excellent sound insulation (35dB). Selected models have a fire resistance class of Ei30.


Types of finishes


Murano Glass

Special / Metallic acrylic









For use with wallpaper or paint



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