PIU Invisible Line

A line of doors with aluminum door frames and wooden door-leaves coated with polyurethane primer or laminate and then covered with wall paint or wallpaper.

A door with a concealed door frame, covered with wallpaper or painted with wall paint make it possible to achieve the effect of “non-existent door”. The door system is available in different widths: standard model 4.5, standard plus model 4.5 (reinforced) or model 5.0.  

Door-leaves of above-standard heights must be produced in Aluminum Design technology, which ensures their dimensional stability and protects them against deformations. The set includes all components required for the assembly of the door (i.e. hinges, a magnetic lock, seal and mounting screws).


The datasheet containing detailed information about the product - model 5.0 and 4.5 can be downloaded below.  

Model 4.5 Standard
Model 4.5 Standard Plus
Model 5.0




70 - 80 - 90 cm

Product datasheet


Types of finishes



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