The PIU door frame is an innovative product, based on the latest technological advances in the use of aluminum and duraluminum. It is a unique, light-weight, multi-chamber aluminum structure of exceptionally high rigidity.

In contrast to traditional solutions, the door frame is hidden in the wall. Covered with the same paint as the wall, it is completely invisible. The door frame can be lacquered or anodized. In this technology, the door frame can be produced without the header (floor-to-ceiling door frame). We offer two types of door frames: the door opening inwards or outwards, both completely flush with the wall. In the case of different opening directions, e.g. in the halls and corridors, the doors still have the same height on the flush side of the wall. In this way, a visual effect of a smooth surface is obtained.

Types of finishing materials for door frames:
• aluminum door frame (under-plaster version), to be covered with wall paint
• anodized or brushed aluminum door frames, available in several shades
• powder-coated aluminum door frame in accordance with RAL colour charts

Types of door frames
• opening inwards (type A)
• opening outwards (type B)

• the door frame should be installed before finishing the walls
• intended for use on masonry walls or on plasterboard walls
• wall thickness:
model 5.0 – min. 10cm
model 4.5 – min. 7.5cm

Supplementary components:
• the door frame set comprises an installation kit with supplementary materials and elements: primer for covering the aluminum before it is painted with wall paint, screws, hinges, locks, seal and an under-plaster net

Struktury Aluminium


natural anodized

bright brushed steel

brushed champagne

brushed dark brown

brushed black

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