PIU Sliding System - Ghost

Wall-mounted sliding system GHOST is an elegant addition to other PIU Design lines, a perfect solution for a wardrobe, bathroom or other hidden room. Technology of an aluminium door construction give lightness and a possibility to use different materials, i.e. mirror. Hidden sliding system,  an ergonomical driving system giving the door that seems to “float” along the wall when we open or close the door. Noble aluminium finish – anodized, brushed and in shades: black, dark brown and champagne – is the detail that gives a meaning. Luxury is in the detail.

That is the reason why we have an impression that the high, sliding door are “floating” along the wall. Sliding door, moving almost without using a force, is a very practical solution for the interiors where traditionally opening door could be inconvenient. Sliding system is not only beautiful (free customization of the interior), but also very functional solution (lightness of the aluminium door leaf). Available also in loft door version.


206 - 260 cm


up to 120 cm*

Product data sheet

* depending on the height and finish of the door leaf